Day 11, NaBloPoMo: Slaughterhouse-Five

Title: Slaughterhouse-Five
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Genre: Antiwar | Historical | Sci-fi | Semi-autobiographical
Publication Date: 1969
[First Read] | [Reread]


Slaughterhouse Five is a satirical anti-war and science fiction novel. It’s about the life of Billy Pilgrim who comes unstuck in time and travels back and forth through his life and experiences of WWII. He is kidnapped by aliens who teach him that time is continuous and that life goes on forever in some form or another.

Why I want to Read It:

Slaughterhouse Five was a recommendation from a couple of friends of mine and it was also a book club read that I didn’t a chance to attend. Anyway, I read the first few pages and wasn’t immediately intrigued, but after a few brief conversations with others who read the book I found myself becoming more intrigued by the themes Vonnegut brought up. I love a good controversial theme and it seems like Slaughterhouse Five have a few.

Why banned or challenged?

As I’m researching the reasons for books being banned I’m finding that none of them have said that the book is horribly written or there is no literary value in it. It seems to be more of a personal and moral attack on the books than anything else.

Slaughterhouse Five has been on the ALA’s banned and challenged list for at least two decades now. It ranked #46 on the ALA’s top 100 banned books of 2000-2009.  It has been challenged for many of the same reasons that other books on this have been banned or challenged for: foul language, deviant behavior, sexually explicit scenes, and violence.


Let's Exercise our Freedom & Discuss Banned Books

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