Blogging 201, Day 1 – Setting Goals

Over the next two weeks I will be participating in WordPress’ Blogging University. I’ll be doing Bogging 101 and 201 simultaneously here and The Broken Spine. Some posts will be available for you to read and comment on while others will be marked private, as I don’t think they’ll be of any value to you.

Today’s assignment is to:


Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve. 

This blog began as a companion to the meetup group, I Read Banned & Challenge Books Club, I started last month. I knew I wanted the blog to be a place for my meetup group members to go and be able to continue the BoM discussion, then I got to thinking, “It would be great to open it up to Lovers of Banned & Challenged Books everywhere. So, here we are.

The goals I have are:

  1. Update the About Page. (Sigh)
  2. Start a separate Twitter page (completed 10/20/14). I mulled this over and over, but ultimately thought it best to have a Twitter page.
  3. Engage followers more. This is a personal weakness of mine. Any suggestions on how to get over this would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, I’d like to visit at least 5 current followers and 5 non-followers per day. But realistically, I might have to alternate days.
  4. Get followers to participate in online book discussions
  5. Gain 70 – 100 followers by December 31st here, on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook Page Likes (I think I’ve max’d out the Social Media networks for this)
  6. Increase traffic and page views 20% by December 31st.
  7. At some point down the road, I would love to have banned and challenged authors as guests to discuss their work. However that’s a long term goal and I think this blog would need to be established a little while and have a viable readership before I try that.

Well, that’s it for now. If I should think of anything else I’ll update.


Let's Exercise our Freedom & Discuss Banned Books

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