I Read Banned & Challenged Books Club

Celebrating our Freedom to Read
Every day. Every week. Every month.

A few weeks ago I started a Meetup group called ‘I Read Banned & Challenged Books Club’. This meetup came about because I’m not able to attend the meetups of the only other banned books meetup in the area.  If you live in the Washington, DC metro area, please join us or if know someone who lives in the area that loves to read and is so inclined to make a few new friends than by all means send them our way.

If you don’t live in the Washington, DC area you can still be a part of the group by following us and by sharing your thoughts on the weekly discussion question posts. The Book of the Month (BoM) tab will list the book for that month and a brief summary.

After the face-to-face group meets, I’ll upload a post that will contain my thoughts, a group discussion summary, and a few group comments. Feel free to share your thoughts on the banned BoM and let’s keep the discussion going.

The first face-to-face ‘I Read Banned & Challenged Books Club’ discussion is Saturday, October 18th and we’re reading Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. So, if you’re in the DC area please make sure to stop by and join in the coversation. We’d love to have you!

And if you’re not in the DC area check us out right here.



Let's Exercise our Freedom & Discuss Banned Books

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